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I purchased an 8 reales coin at a flea market in Madrid in 2000. 8 REALES COB 1780.

High Grade 1 Reale Treasure Cob Coin In Solid 14kt Gold Pendant Circa 1598-1621.

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This Atocha Cob is an 8 Reales Cob that weighs 17.3 grams. The majority of coins found on the Atocha were the newly minted silver 8 Reales.

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Awesome cross on this 17th century Spanish 4 reales coin, set in heavy 14k gold pendant.

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Fascinating example of the type of coin that was wrecking the world economy and was eventually recalled.The first specimen is a two reales cob minted at the Potosi mint in 1693 during the reign of Charles II.

Two-bits, four-bits, six-bits and eight-bits make reference to the eight-reales silver coin of. are called a cob.

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